Hourly Hire

Equipment and labour hire Sydney

Materials, PPE, Equipment


Asbestos permit submission (bonded) $350

Asbestos permit submission (friable) $550

Waste tracking (per load) $50

Black plastic roll $120.00 per roll

Clear plastic roll $200.00 per roll

Coverall or gloves $7.00 each

Duct tape $7.00 per roll

Double sided tape $10.00 per roll

Black cloth tape $10.00 per roll

Hazardous Barricade tape $25.00 per roll

Silver tape (for setup) $90.00 per roll

Asbestos bag $3.00 per bag

P3 paper mask $5.00 each

Pre filter for half mask $2.00 each

Main filter for half mask $25.00 each

Vacuum bag $10.00 each

HEPA Vacuum machine (per day) $90.00 each

Wet Vacuum machine (per day) $90.00 each

Supply Dry Decontamination unit $350.00 per day or $2000 weekly

Supply Wet Decontamination unit with water pump $400.00 per day or $1500 weekly

Supply Negative air unit (per day) $500.00

Supply Generator (per day) $200.00

Supply PVA machine (per day) $200.00

Supply small jackhammer (per day) $100 each

Supply small tipper truck (per day) $250.00 each

Supply Ute (per day) $150.00

Electric pressure wash machine (per day) $100.00

PSI Petrol pressure wash machine (per day) $200.00 each

Mobile Scaffold (per day) $150 each set

Asbestos waste disposal $450.00 per tone (minimum 1 tone charges)

Asbestos contamination soil 250.00 per tone

Air monitoring per day $600.00(plus 30% loading for night shift rate)

Clearance (per clearance) $380.00(plus 30% loading for night shift rate)

Asbestos signage (each) $50.00

Note: Working away from home additional charges includes in the below:

- $100 per hour charges for Hygienist to travel outside CBD

- $60 per hourly per person charges for traveling time if travel more than 40km outside CBD

- $30 meal money charges per person per night.

- Back charges apply if Hourly Hire to organize for overnight accommodation and other.